Established in the 1980s, mainly providing a supportive services to the freight forwarding industry. Specialized in Customs Clearance, Air & Sea Trucking, and Heavy equipment movement and as Ground Handling Agents like, BUP, GOH, Terminals Clearance/Transfer, Stuffing/Unstuffing, Lashing and etc….

Privatized in 1994, with an intention to provide more value added and also to enhance the already existing ground handling services. We introduce Third Party Forwarding Agent services, to provide with more comprehensive, more competitive and more neutrality, full international freight operation systems.

Providing thorough freight operational services from a pickup order, execution of documentation to freighting and delivery of consignment, all under customer owns identity and profile.

Giving our valued customer an optional solution and advantage of no necessity to setup an expensive and costly operational office while still performing as an International Freight Forwarder Agents..

Thus providing a win-win situation where customer need only to pay only what he need to use, that is “ No shipment, No Cost” scenario.

By further integrating a Courier & Express Department, Warehouse Management Systems and a Logistics Center in town area by June 2007, we could provide a One Stop Service Center for all your transportation needs, be it by Air, Sea, Road or Courier, all at a very competitive and comprehensive packages tailored to each individual needs.


















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